got raided earlier

So right before I started the drive to california I hopped on rust as per usual. When I got on me and all of my allies had been raided and were suprised considering the server had only gone up less then 5-10 minutes ago. Anyways we started to fix up our stuff and then I was suprised that all my stuff was still there after heading up to the second floor it turned out that they had blown out the wall beside my stairs and had to get through a metal door to get to my stash. So I’m happy for a bit then I head up to the 3rd floor and was baffled by what had happened. They some how had placed a wall in between my 3rd and 4th floor and figured they had just blown out my top door and came in through the roof but after following the stairs up my house I had only access to the 5th floor because another wall was in my way but my large wodden storage was cut half and half on both sides of the wall and none of the guns were taken from it o3o so either they’re still sleeping in that room or they suicided? Otherwise I’m not sure what to make of it

Will post screen shots as soon as I get to California

Edit: should’ve mentioned it was on north america 3 which had been down because of the ddoss attacks I didn’t mean a fresh restart server

how in the hell did you geta 5 floor house in only 5-10 mins of the server being up

so, what’s the point of this?

To figure out how this happened if you couldn’t figure it out from the question tag