Got some texture problems on Darkrp Server, help!

Hello people,
I just ordered a vps, uploaded all my current files from my pc and it’s pretty much working fine. However, one thing I noticed immediately when I first joined to my server which was running through the vps was that some textures were missing. Some jobs that are using custom player models particularly are appearing errors. Please note that I have successfully mounted Counter Strike Source, the folders inside the addon folder do not include capital letters as I am using ubuntu 14.04 32 Bit and i have included a forcedl and a resource file inside lua/autorun/server folder. I am also running the start script including the workshop list id and my auth key as well. My situation is very strange as everything works fine when I’m running this from Windows 10 :frowning:
Some pictures: (black textures at the hud)

You need to have sv_allowdownload set to 1 in your server.cfg.
If that doesn’t work, you have to drag all the files’ content (models, materials) that are not workshop into the server’s garrysmod/.

ServerDL (sv_allowdownload 1) is super slow, and I’m sure it got fixed a while back but people could steal your rcon password by downloading your server.cfg. Ask your host about fastdl or if your on a VPS use, then set sv_downloadurl to the url, and sv_allowupload/download 0.

Nevermind, my vps host was messed up but they solved the problem now.