Got VAC Banned for an error.

Hi all.

I got VAC Banned some days ago, because EAC used to crash while loading the game, making me unable to launch my game copy.

Since i didn’t know of these forums before, i managed to solve it myself, using a bypass token from some sites (can’t remember which one, just googled “Rust EAC Bypass”)
I found one, and i was able to run the game for all the time I played (Almost two weeks i think).
Then i got VAC Banned.
Is there a way to get my money back since the game has online only and since i can’t use a product i regularly bought, (without a broken rule, btw, since the only steam rule i could damage was “Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying Steam services, software or other content”, and i did nothing about it, just bypassed your anticheat) got a problem with it, found a solution myself instead of making you move for me, managed to install it and finally played for a very few time?

That’s absolutely unadmittable for me, why the hell should they put into database a file that doesn’t absolutely damage other’s game (Yes, steam vac works with a database), and that can damage only if applied with other files?

(Sorry for my bad english, i’m not from England.)

You hacked, you’re banned. Buy another copy of the game and ditch the hacks.

Good riddance, hacker!

I didn’t hack ._. ffs, how the hell can i hack with no hacks in game?

I just downloaded a bypass, i can show you the screen of the Rust folder and every subfolder, there are no modified files except the one who made me play :confused:

Using a bypass for anti-hacks is not hacking? What world are we in?

I guess you didn’t get the answer you were looking for over here?

A bypass for anti-hacks doesn’t mean you’re hacking while in game, since as i know hacking in a game is synonymous of damaging others.

Yes, JacksSparrow, that was me, must i repeat all i said there to get a valid answer instead of getting y’all flaming on me and not being the persons you have to be at all?

Am i the only one that tries to be helpful while someone has problems here?

C’mon guys at least give him + for the good try (compared to most of the others) :smiley:

…Which is sort of like cheating, genius. Don’t modify files like a dumbass, this was your fault, we cannot help you here.

They closed his thread and banned him over at the steam forums so the next logical thing to do was come here and cry.

Then tell me what could i do.

Contacting this forum without knowing the existance of it since i couldn’t even access the game?

Or maybe asking the steam support for a personal Facepunch developer to help me with Rust? I’m nobody there, nobody likes to help any unknown sort of person.

JacksSparrow, again, i didn’t even know the existance of this forum.

Two things: buy the game again on a new account, or fuck off. There are no other alternatives. There will be no unbans except through steam, which reading your thread on the steam forums, you already tried.


No, FP cannot unban you. VAC is proprietary software from VALVe, they are in control of that ban, and them alone.

So you took the time to research and find a hack to get around it btu you werent able to find this ofurm through the same means? Hmmmmm. Thanks for donating to rust, please come again.

I’m not asking you if there’s a way to lift the VAC Ban, but a way to have my money back without passing for the law system, cause this is fraud in my country you know…

Also, mind telling us about this? And why they are also from Italy and want cheats?

You silly goose, you can’t hide from Jonny.

I couldn’t run the game without the bypass on, since EAC crashed every time and i had to find a way to exclude it from the process, and i’m just meaning, with “asking the steam support for a personal facepunch developer” referring to the time while i couldn’t run it, cause you know, i asked to the support a way for this, but i’m pretty tired of the copypasta that they do.

Look above, butthole. Your MPGH profile says you are looking for cheats. Now fuck right off this forum, cheater. Unless you happen to know someone else in Italy sharing the same alias as your steam account, that is you.

That was the period i was playing S4 League, and i was tired to find a hacker in every room i entered.

k, now, you fucking flamer, you’re really tiring me, i told you the reason, i didn’t download rust hacks, wanna see my fucking folder? k.

Do you prefer a txt file or do you prefer screenshots?

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Yeah, was this period recent? looks like that accounts been around for a while. Try again.