Got Vac Banned on Rust for no reason Help

I am Currently vac banned on rust and very pissed about it as i just bought it. I spend $20 on this game 1 day ago then i play and get vac banned please help i really enjoy the game but can not play it.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

No one at Facepunch or Steam support can help u. Vac ban can not be removed.

:words: another :confused: !!

Perhaps the decision to cheat eluded you as a bad idea?

And before you go claiming you didn’t, allow me to say this:
VAC doesn’t make mistakes. It only bans when cheats are detected.

Even in the extreme cases where people were banned falsely, VAC worked flawlessly. It was errors in the deployment of game updates that triggered the bans, and they were sweeping every person who played. There is no flaw in VAC detecting your hacks. Sorry bro.