Thanks Ninja Nub for this awesome models.

That’ll teach you to stand by yourself with your back to an unsecured crash site.

Looking good, have an artistic, mate.

Though…emm…can you actually choke a stormtrooper in winter outfit? Don’t they have helmets all the way to the bottom of their necks?

I think yes. Cuz is more looks like balaclava on his neck or something like that.

This is–acckk–not the choke hold I’m–hurkk–looking for…

Great pose. Great models.

Beautifully dynamic pose.

Rare to see an awesome star wars pic, great work!

“Is that your DL-44 poking me in the back, or are you just happy to see me?”

But in all seriousness, wonderful pose. Have a winner!

expected pokemon

That snow troopers got some wood going on, sorry, that was the second thing I noticed. Its a nice pose though.