"Gott wird dein Schicksal entscheiden." SS Watching American Die.

Generic fuckin’ ahoy! I didn’t use editing at all because you all will shitstorm :munch: . Decided to make a quickie before bed (What she said) and yeah. Don’t even start asking about the models you nubz wait a long time for them to be released :buddy:

" Germans mortared a field HQ occupied by the Americans, one soldier didn’t get the radio call from the mortar divison about the bombardment. He was suspecious and decided to walk creeping closer to the field HQ and seeing if anyone was there and a American Seargant came out with peices of shrapnel in his chest and was aiming his weapon at the German so the German decided to whip out his pistol and shoot the American but his P38 jammed and the American dropped his weapon and died from the shrapnel in his chest. From there the German could not believe the amount of luck he had. "


Feel free to edit to your liking.

I’ve said it once to you and I’ll say it again, good models don’t make a screenshot automaticly awesome.

Whats wrong:
[ul]It’s bland and boring[/ul]
[ul]The gun models are crap[/ul]
[ul]Bad setting[/ul]
[ul]Unrealistic he’d be standing after he just got shot[/ul]
[ul]Graphics suck[/ul]
[ul]No editing[/ul]
[ul]You should think about whats wrong when you post[/ul]

what gives you the god damn right to call us “nubz” when your posing isn’t the most fantastic?
and i think its a good thing you didnt edit because this is already shit

Harsh, but true.

Nubz is a ironic thing, even If you are joking.

And this Isn’t generic, this is two badly posed ragdolls.

Stop waving models infront of us, makes us want to puke the ways you use them.




Lot’s of empty space.

Why is there blood splatters on the wall if the German didn’t shoot him?

maybe because he got hit by shrapnel…

No, it isn’t. You don’t instantly fall down after being shot.

And the fact it isn’t edited is a heap of shit, you don’t HAVE to edit your pics if you don’t want to.

All the other points however are valid.

About the shooting, I’ll double correct us, for he wasn’t shot, It’s a shrapnel wound. Which makes It more stupid that he survives a mortar attack in one piece and only gets one piece of shrapnel in his chest, bleed spatter onto a wall 2 meters away and die outside with more spatter.

I’m trying to make a point, if your going to go through the trouble of circle jerking for the models, then releasing a screenshot to dick wag, the least thing you could do is edit it in some way. A boarder or something would be fine, but It demonstrates the lack of effort he’s actually put into the screenshot.

There’s just no attention to detail or shown effort.

Nice Pose

Of course, if your going to call my stuff shitty with the other ones I did, why not make the picture look shitty so we all win.

This is so troll, so I would just go away from this thread. Butthurt, you know.

And yes, about this picture… I already stated that these models were covered in shit by these ‘poses’ they were in, so go on. Make it even more hated.

You don’t have to be such a dick about it

Ahem. Sorry.

This great man, that posted up there, is a Hero. He saves these models from being covered in shit.

Ahem. Sorry.

The only thing that I like is the german model, and 1 agree for uberslug. And someone with a fugly pic like that calling me a noob does not offend me.

He’s right, personnally I think your attempts are well met but you just lack a few things. If you worked on the things Big Boom suggested then I think some of your work would be fantastic.

Well… in your case he has a point…

I want the models :frowning:



That was actually good criticism…


No, go away.

I made them by the way.