Gotta go fast: Animating playermodels in ModelDoc

So i basically always wanted to make my own animations for playermodels.
With source 2 tools this is finally possible, and not unfeasibly hard.
I’m planning on releasing a whole player anim library compatible with auto-rigging from mixamo to make playermodel development easier for everyone (once sandboxx comes out)

Basically, compared to source1’s .qcs, mdlstudio and continuously relaunching the game to see if it works (and having hlmv crash constantly) source2’s model tools are FABULOUS. And I haven’t even tried the animgraph editor yet.

Also! Converting any source1 playermodel to this skeleton and making it support these animations is in most cases only 1 click (in other cases or non source-1 playermodels, you may have to rename bones, but i’ll be working on making a program that does it automatically)


God’s work

Finally we can get some nice swimming, climbing, falling animations <3 Looking forward to this.

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Thank you! What a good idea.

I remember working with Dota 2’s models back when it got updated to Source 2 and it is definitely easier to work with animations and configure playermodel stuff