government maps?

are there any sort of giant government facility maps that have a lot of detail and are explore-able?
Almost like CS: desert.

I am making now at the moment. Well kinda where you can just run arround and mess.
Just check in maps section

Gm_Underwaste WIP

Yea I saw Yours and it is exactly the type of map I am talking about…I can’t wait untill it is 100% done with the wasteland style world on the outside.

Make sure your parents don’t find out, you’ll get arrested :wink:

I don’t get it.

low IQ person?

He asked for goverment maps like streets, white house or some shit like that.
I said that I am making one,
There was a case when a guy got arrested for making his school as map. So he means me to get arrested for making goverment map. (which is just wasteland with lab)

I knew about the School thing. So what if he makes a white house map? If every game developer made something based on a government building… Well, that’d suck.