GoW 4 Models?

Has anyone pulled the Gears of War 4 character and/or weapon models yet?

Tools aren’t available yet, if I’m right.

i was just looking into this the other day since it’s UE4, but all the files seem locked (i don’t recall other Win10 games having the locks on the files like these until this game) it won’t even let me move/copy/paste them

Wait until Umodel supports it.

that’s not the issue from what i had, the files have little locks over them and won’t allow them to be moved/shared or anything, even if you try setting yourself to having full control over hidden folders, it refuses to

They’re encrypted. It’s possible to work around it (see Halo 5), but I don’t know if anyone has done it for Gears of War 4 yet.

Halo 5 doesn’t have any models that i know of and isn’t on Windows 10

It is, actually. Or at least the multiplayer is.