GPhone Issue - GetUserGroup()


I’m having an issue with GPhone. Ive created an app for a selected user group, Ive also followed the template on creating a new app.
Ive created an **Issue **on **GitHub **and Ive also contacted the developer. After 4 days there still isnt a reply, So i was stuck for choices and came here.

My application code (The bit what is necessary):

local APP = {}

APP.PrintName = "Notes +"
APP.Icon = "vgui/gphone/notes_plus.png"
APP.Author = "Segeco"
APP.AllowedUsergroups = {"regular"}
APP.Tags = {"Notes", "Useful", "Writing", "Upgraded!"}

The error i receive when on sending client info/spawning in:

[gPhone]: Wiped debug log
[gPhone]: Loading config file
[gPhone]: Saved missing config key/value: vibrate false
[gPhone]: Saved missing config key/value: showUnusableApps false
[gPhone]: Saved missing config key/value: airplaneMode false
[gPhone]: Saved missing config key/value: darkStatusBar false
[gPhone]: Saving config file
[gPhone]: Saving config file
[gPhone]: Importing applications...

[ERROR] addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_util.lua:205: attempt to call method 'GetUserGroup' (a nil value)
  1. canUseApp - addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_util.lua:205
   2. addApp - addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_appbase.lua:133
    3. unknown - addons/phone/lua/gphone/apps/notesplus.lua:35
     4. include - [C]:-1
      5. importApps - addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_appbase.lua:80
       6. buildPhone - addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_phone.lua:45
        7. unknown - addons/phone/lua/gphone/cl_phone.lua:24

The code (cl_util.lua: 205 - 213):

if appData.AllowedUsergroups and #appData.AllowedUsergroups > 0 then
		for _, group in pairs( appData.AllowedUsergroups ) do
			if client:GetUserGroup() == group then
			canUse = false
	return canUse

Im using ULX groups to determine the ranks.

I’m pretty sure I told you this already, change “GetUserGroup” to IsUserGroup.

GetUserGroup returns the player’s user group.

GetUserGroup would work fine since he’s comparing it? mostly likely client is null or something.