[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gpk_dropoff by rtheone

[tab]Version:[/tab] v0.2 Beta!

[tab]Description:[/tab] a small garrysmod parkour map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod 10. Some garrysmod parkour gamemode

[tab]Download:[/tab] or




Since I couldn’t find any gpk_ maps that really work in multiplayer (as in, you can explore from one side to the other and back again), I decided to make one for myself. After about 14 days of total work, and about 4(,236,592,014) hammer bugs, this is what came out of it: A map where you get dropped off, you run around until you die. End.




That’s a lot of pictures. Don’t ask me about the last one.








It’s a game mode that runs off of running around, and jumping, and stuff. I happen to have Takua’s lying around. Download it here:

Throw it into the gamemodes directory. The contents that is.

And if the makers want me to get rid of it, I’ll do so. IF they request.





This map IS supposed to be played with using one of the Garry’s Mod Parkour gamemodes. Playing with any other gamemodes will result in various damage to several vital organs. Wall run was assumed not implemented.

Please stop complaining about the textures, the models, the map, etc. Direct all blame towards: icecreamlock and ster for the textures, illkid for the helicopter model, and myself for the map and one of the textures. And Valve/Garry for the game. Huh. And cheesylard, or whatever name he’s using at the moment for the picture.

If you can find/make better textures, I’d be more than willing to get better ones. I suck at finding good textures. Same with the models.

Oh, look, sniped by freerun. Expected.


The lighting is awesome.

The helicopter going in at the beginning of the map load is awesome.

Everything is awesome.

Except for that door in the beginning. Shit’s ugly.

-Textures are cool
-Helicopter in the beginning is cool
-Epic jumps
-Not everything is tuned enough (near impossible to get to)
-Reed is gay

no ur gey

Love the Mirror’s Edge style to it. Can’t wait to test it when I get home!

This looks freaking sweet.

I loved the helicopter at the start. ^^

Hmmm. gm_city_freerun_v2_1 doesnt have that Mirror’s Edge style to it but theres an interior… but ur map has that Mirror’s Edge type of style… which 1 should I choose?

Gm_City_Freerun_2_V1 obviously ;D

Seriously though, this map looks great!

Not bad, but there is lots of missaligned textures and all the textures are the same; looks repeating.

You be flamin’ on Valve? That’s nooo good.

He likes men. And use GPK or some variant of it. Otherwise you won’t be able to climb any crates.

Okay, that’s good to know.

Both. They’re both awesome.

You’re right about it being repetitive, but the lighting makes up for that. They’re approximately 7 textures used, but there weren’t really a whole lot of options. I would have liked some cool textures, but I’m not much of an artist and there’s not much online. However, I used lighting and contrast between colors to make up for that. And some intricate geometry. The misaligned textures? Yeah, I’m too lazy to fix those. I might get around to it at some point.

** Maybe some C&C would be nice. Seriously. **

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will. I’m not sure which Parkour gamemode to use, the one in your link or the one someone else is working on, but it’s not Esalaka’s, for Dosycool’s map, it’s someone else.

Awesome As always Rtheone.

This map is awesome. It is probably the best Parkour map yet. It just saddens me that there is no good gamemode to use with this.
I’ve played every Parkour gamemode there is out there, and all of the are lacking in some places.
What we need somebody to do is take the strengths of each version of the gamemode, and combine them into one, perfect Parkour gamemode.
If no body does this, I’m just going to learn how to code and do it myself.

Some guy was just screaming at rtheone in a chat room not too long ago… about this map being on Seriously? Who would really give the time to complain about something that will have no point in the end…


What do you mean?

download them both

whoa…this map is awesome…and it works well with the cityrun game mode that was made for gm_city_freerun…i applaud!

Yeah, but the cityrun gamemode lacks a lot. Only has ledge grabbing. Needs more features.
By the looks of it, Esalaka could be the one to create a working Parkour gamemode.

This map’s textures are kinda painful to look at. Good map and all, but those textures give me a headache and don’t really look mirror’s edge style, if that was what you were going for.

I have a good list of great texture sites. All which let you use them for free. Here is a great one. There is a download limit per day though (all super high res)

I have more, pm me if you want links.

BTW, I haven’t tested this map yet, looks beautiful. I am waiting to find a good gamemode. Which one works best on a dedicated server? I just got mine up and running again, and would love to host some parkour games.