GPK_Freecity (Final)

Ladies, Gentlemen and Runners, I present to you the final version of GPK_Freecity.
It’s a bit of a jump from the first beta version, but when VBSP started to whine about too many brush faces I decided to make this the last release.

So, what’s new?

  • More buildings
  • Less overbright and ‘bloomy’ (hopefully)
  • That building that you never could quite reach the top of in the beta has been lowered (also to stay within brush limit)
  • Park area with building in construction
  • Major texture misalignments have been fixed
  • Around twice as much space to run around
  • A bit more detail on ground level (pavements, yay)
  • Grid texture is now bumpmapped!
  • More walls inside the huge building, dividing the empty space into separate rooms
  • And much more which I can’t be bothered to list here.

Pictures on download page.

Updates on next map are here.

PS: That new place on the other side of the canal with the weird roof? I wanted it to be surf-able, but I failed. Anyway, it would be awkward if you stopped moving and got stuck at the bottom. Also some of the room areas across the park are really dark due to a 3D skybox “blocklight” mishap.

The first one was fun, so Ill test this.

Good job

Saves life by posting in thread :stuck_out_tongue:

and, maps rocks to :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, all.
And yep I kinda threatened to eat you if you didn’t post here, black raven xD

Been waiting for this thanks hiyougami!(I’m Dr Pepper btw)

Is there any servers with this map yet ? :slight_smile:

Hey there Pepper!

As far as I know, no. You can search for one, but gpk servers are quite rare at the moment. If you do find one, please let me know their IP! I’d love to play there.

Tbh i liked it but for some reason when i download parkour gamemodes they dont seem to work for me e.e

Have you made sure to extract it to Gamemodes, not Addons?

I came when i ran through it the first time

I was thinking that perhaps I could make a properly linear singleplayer/multiplayer co-op Freecity map, maybe even with a storyline - following off the style of the City Freerun series but with these textures and more of a Mirror’s Edge gameplay style. Anyone interested? I just want to see how many people want one. :3

I think it sounds good :slight_smile: Would it just be one map or a series of maps?

And btw, I was thinking of re-texturing my City Freerun maps with proper real textures (not dev), but I think I don’t think I will now. It would be too much like your maps :confused:

I’m not sure, though it’s more likely to evolve into a series.
I was thinking of being evil and decompiling your maps and seeing how they look with my textures xO but that would stay within my computer. Your maps have their own style, the dev textures look great :3 They are a part of them as much as the gameplay is, it’s different from most other maps out there. If you are really thinking of retexturing them, go ahead - I’m not stopping you.

I don’t mind if you decompile my maps and check em out with your awesome textures, just send me pics of it :wink:

I’ve added a website and a new page here. That site will also feature updates and new work-in-progress screenshots of the new map as it’s created.


I’ve finished the official video!

Same video also added to the original post.

Can someone find a server which hosts this map and gametype it sounds like it would be good online

That’s primarily what I designed it for, multiplayer play =P