GPK_FreeCity - To the end without a scratch

If you ask me, best map for GPK Gamemode. Great work by Hiyougami.

Without further delay:

NOTE: As I’m posting the video here, YouTube is still processing it, nearly done, so HD isn’t available at the moment I’m posting this.

looks like fun, You should add music and how did u climb back up?

With GPK gamemode you can “grab” the edge… But it does not have any animations.

you should’ve used source recorder if you have like 250 fps :buddy:

Meh, was okay. You should have used Catmull-Rom cameras to give it a more cinematic effect. I made a movie similar to this using more ‘realistic’ effects:

Maybe use a technique such as that, and it will look better. However, if you were just making an example video on the gamemode, then don’t worry about it. I didn’t really know what the point of the video was, whether it’s to showcase the map, the gamemode, or just a fun video. Only trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

“GPK_FreeCity - To the end without a scratch” (It’s the tread’s title) So yes, he is showcasing the map and gamemode. Also, nice selfless promotion of your video…

Never learned how to use source recorder…


What are catmull-rom cameras? If their what you used in that video, looks interesting.


What do you mean by selfless promotion?


Video’s purpose: Fun. I was bored.

What have you got against me where you have to cry about every time I post an example video that HAPPENS to be my own? It’s not like he DIRECTLY stated anywhere that his video was a showcase. He even said that it was a ‘fun’ video. So that already proves you wrong, it wasn’t a fucking showcase. My Mirror’s Edge video was a ‘fun’ video as well, it was just more realistically done. I don’t need bullshit from people just because I’m using my own video as an example, if I wanted to selflessly promote my own video I would have done it in my own goddamn thread, quit picking holes in everything I say.

As to the OP, Catmull-Rom cameras is like the Camera tool, except you spawn multiple cameras and you can string them together to make a camera ‘track’. Here is a link:

Sorry, that was directed at fumples. I liked your video and I know it was just for fun, I was just pointing out how fumples video has as much relevane to this as any other video in this forum, only thing it had in common was the map.

To be honest, in that obviously not thought out argument, full of contridictions and false statments, I dont even know where to begin to correct you… So here is my best effort:

I do not have a single thing against you, just stupidity. i.e. giving a person advice on how to make there video “GPK_FreeCity - To the end without a scratch” have “a more cinematic effect”. And lecturing me on what a “fun” video is when you don’t even understand the difference?

At you putting your video in as an example of what could be done, besides from its irrelivence (due to the fact that his video is not, and was not intended to be a serious machinima), whats more realistic in a video showing how he can run from one end of a map to the other without getting hurt, than a continuous shot of him running from one end of a map to the other without him getting hurt?

If you feal like I’m “picking holes in everything [you] say” maybe you should take time to think about what you are posting before you actualy post, ending these back and forth arguments between us.

So once again I’m at the point where I have to stop this argument here, and ask that you stop contridicting yourself, making a fool of yourself, and stop promoting yourself.

Thanks for the Catmull-Rom Tools, I couldn’t search yesterday cuz I was on my Cellphone posting replies.
By the way I lol’d at your video when the “character” bumped into the walls xD

And please don’t start a flame war you two this was just a video I made when I was bored, I don’t mind other videos beeing posted here, even if their better.

Hangover, you most definitely DIDN’T know that it was ‘just for fun’, you even said that you knew it wasa a showcase by the name :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, if you learn how to effectively use Catmull-Rom Cameras, you can make FANTASTIC movies, much better than you can with a camera swep.

I’m late D: but thanks for downloading and playing Freecity! I liked the vid.
$surfaceprop nodecal. My hero.