Gplacer - Place props in Gmod and replicate them in Hammer.

So I’ve been working on some simple maps for a gamemode I’ve been working on, but I really don’t like placing entities in hammer. Whle it is robust, there’s a lot of steps to it and I can never quite get things to look right.
In Gmod, placing and manipulating props is much simpler with the physgun, toolgun and all of the custom tools you can find like stacker or easy precision. I discovered the hammer.SendCommand function the other day, so I built a quick little script around it and made a system that allows you to place props in gmod, and then send them to Hammer.

Props placed in gmod

Perfectly sent to hammer

More info is on the workshop page

By the way, if this is meant more for the Addons/gamemode releases section, I apologize, but I figured since this is only useful to mappers, it would do more good here.

amazing work

Neat O’, but there is already an addon that does this,

I love people like you, hats off to you.

I looked for something like this before I made Gplacer, but I could not find it. Well too late now I suppose.

well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with more options, Gplacer works a bit differently and allows for some things Gexporter does not. For instance, whenever you update, all props that were placed in the last update are removed and the new ones spawn in their place, allowing you to move and remove props in-game and have these changes reflected in hammer. Also, you have the option to differentiate between props that you want to place and ones you don’t by spawning them while in Gplacer mode.

That would indeed be useful.