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Ok, this is my third attempt to posting about this. First, I posted it in “Garry’s Mod Discussion” but it died without a single reply. So yesterday I posted it in GD and got banned. So, I’m going to try posting it here.
Content bellow:

Ok, well I’m going to make this short and sweet. I’ve made this site and group called GPosers. Basically we’re just people who love to pose and are good at it. We have a forums where anyone can register and receive tutorials and tips. I’ve spent a while getting it ready for announcement so I hope that work pays off. I can’t really say “C&C please” because there’s always a couple of idiots that flame the fuck out of the OP. So I guess feel free to say anything you want. Oh and, if you’d like to join, register and apply here:

Ok, I’m going to clear some stuff up. First, I removed the option to buy and I forgot to remove that from the “about us”. I just posted my poses because we had no members and a blank page wouldn’t help at all. And third, Zeraxify DID join us so I am NOT stealing his content. Feel free to continue posting…

I didn’t realize Zerax left us. I’m going to ask him on Steam just to be sure and if he still wants to leave I’ll delete his things off the site.

Let us see something you’ve made in Gmod first.

Show us your works.

Let me sample your wears. I hope they’re the finest in Cyrodil.


Sorry, been playing too much Oblivion.

and… your works? show us.

also i dont really think people give a shit about your clan, group or whatever


sorry guys, this guy and his group he created is coming into a pile of failures

Isn’t the train station Zeraxify’s pose. I can’t see his name credited anywhere only pyridin.

Wait wait, what the fuck is this?

You actually have to pay per ragdoll for a request, so basically if someone requested a zombie apoc’ pose, they’d be dishing out shit load of money.


Get rid of all the shitty noob looking 5 minute poses on the older stuff and this site will be alright.

As long as 5 minute crap doesn’t go on here, it should be alright.

I’ve looked through your so-called “poses”, and they are horrible.
It will not be worth joining this.

Why are most of Zeraxify’s latest poses on there?


Why the fuck is “assault operations” a category? Lmao. “Funny”, “Misc.”, “Love”, “ASSAULT OPERATIONS RARRR

As long as that shite is gone it would be decent, i signed up like 5 minutes ago in-case i feel like posting on this site.


Ok i just sent a fucking PM to him with it, i dunno what I’m waiting for now anyway.


Apparently zeraxify is in the group… did they ask him though?

Nobody is going to pay you to make crappy poses. -.-

You really expect that someone will pay money for poses?

Hold on, you gotta PAY for poses?
Oh god ahahahah. This site will not stay long.

Lol i signed up to the forum, how kewl am i?

What 'bout giving a fucking credit to posers?

Ahh, and don’t forget your sweet watermark!

also delete those fucking watermarks on the pics

Filthy pickpocket

*I’m not gonna belive Zerax joined 'em.
Just look at the poses that aren’t actually made by Zerax.

Wait, he is in their group.