GPS Guided Vehicle

GPS guided flying vehicle. This has probably been done before, but search wasn’t working so here it is anyway.

GREAT THRUSTER SOUNDS! lol jk, nice, but remove the thruster sounds, it helps a lot of people not just you…

Can it go around corners? Like, pass through doorways and stuff?

A target finder, beacon sensor, a smoothing equation, and a few thrusters do the same thing.

I think that’s pretty much what this is

This looks very simple

I wrote an e2 holographic flying disk ai (based off those things from starfox64, ya know, the part with the big mothership) to augment my starfox 64 player contolled holo dogfighting. (everything is about 1/50 scale for use in small areas) It was randomized ai with avoidance. It always swerves to the side in which it has the greatest chance of avoidance. (ie. if its coming at an angle it will swerve away with the angle of approch instead of against it, which would cause it to have to turn harder) But anyway i’ve had it survive in a very crouded enviroment for as long as five minutes with no crash, and in a less cluttered area for around ten minutes.

Ai-ish things are so fun. I should make a prop one like yours.

Do you have a video of this? I would love to see it in action.

Funny you should ask, i was making one of me with my arwing messing around with four of them, demonstrating the functions of the player version, and the deathspiral on destroy. (which is why i hit a lot of pillars in it, tryig to get a glancing blow to cause the spiral.) (If you hit an object directly, you will just expl0d instead of spiraling, also like starfox). I’ll try to upload vid tonight

Isn’t it way easier working with props? Having to actually simulate physics on your hologram instead of just using a prop in the first place.

Less formulae involved though, and I think the ops usage is lower.

The physics simulation is hard to begin with, but they prove more versitile later. You can tune them EXACTLY as you want, because you make your own physics. Besides, I kinda like doing things like that. I dont know why. A lack of ease just intrests me in it.

I made a video but youtube is being annoying. Ive uploaded it about five times and it keeps failing due to an unknown error :stuck_out_tongue: