Grabbing his equipment / Ready to take on the wasteland (TF2/Fallout)

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[h2]Bonus to show off my very careful finger posing from the first picture[/h2]:

C&C please

Seeing as No one (surprisingly) hasn’t done a Fallout TF2 related pose since the release of the Pipboy I decided to be the first one (I think) to do a picture with the Pipboy model.

i really hate the model you chose for the weapons dealer, but great posing/idea

A Fallout nerd I am :3

the map is awful, realy

I was expecting something really crappy but I am pleasantly surprised

The map doesn’t fit TF2 very well.

well until someone finds the perfect equivalent of gm_atomic for TF2 or makes a TF2 conversion of gm_atomic.

Im sticking with using gm_atomic.