Grabbing onto things

I’ve been looking for a script where you can grab onto things for ages. Not in the way that is usually done, such as picking up cans or whatever, but holding onto props like containers in such a way that you are carried along with it!

It would be doubly awesome if you get launched upwards a bit if you jump, could be useful for parkour and such. :3:

I would prefer if you would just stay as a player too, if possible!

Thanks in advance! :biggrin:


I think he means.

Say there is a rail in your way and you are running at it. When you get close enouth you click and you will grab onto the rail and pull yourself over it and keep on going for a quick pace movement.


and the bit where he says if you press jump you launch yourself upwards.

I thin he means that you kinda jump onto it and jump high up off of it with a great force to get up somewhere high.


if this is what he means then I so want it :smiley:

Like this ?

Not quite. :v:

Similar, but not quite.

Sorry guys, didn’t know I explained it that badly :v:

Heres a kind of diagram.

Basically, I want it to ‘weld’ the player to the object he selects.

But the thing is, I don’t want to become a ragdoll or something silly like that.

PS: Step 4 is not required if it is too hard to do!

If you wona do this with props get drag shit mod.

It allows you to grab onto the prop and pull yourself up onto it or pick up props.

Allso. I think this would be cool if you could grab onto the wall with hands XD

Aha, that looks like what I wanted. Thanks! :biggrin:


there is the link above