Graffiti Can SWEP

It’s kinda obvious what the request is from the title. So really, could anyone make this SWEP? It’s probably best for RP.

Sorry this was so short.


So what you are asking for is the paint tool just with a different model and makes 1 coloure like black or a bunch of them all different colours.

Posibbly a view- and world model, ammo, limited range, a clip (reload=shake can) and ofcourse it sprays paint.

I think this will be good if somone makes it.

I want it ( very useful for RP)

Would be awesome for RP.

Yeah it would be good for rp.

I’m totally gonna be original and say it would be useful for RP (Seriously, it would)

Think about the DECAL MADNESS o_O

I can imagine how annoying it would be on random darkrp servers. Then again, everything is annoying on random darkrp servers.