Graffiti Mod

I just happened to be thinking of Jet Set Radio Future while I was playing Gmod the other day and thought of this. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a grafitti mod. You click on the mod and a window pops up that gives you some basic paint functions such as basic shapes [squares, circles, symbols] simple letters [like the alphabet lower and upper case letters] and maybe even some gradients or tribal patterns. After you get done with your design it ghosts it and you can paste it on a wall or floor, or any world surface of your liking, almost like a tag or the paint tool. Now I do not know how hard this would be to make, but I thought i would just throw the idea out there for anyone willing to attempt to make it.

For any who are skeptical about making nice designs with simple tools, let me give you just one example.

Forza 2:

I think it would be cool, especially if you could save your designs and tag everywhere.
Yes I am aware of tags, I just thought a larger scale addon style mod would be cool.

yes agreed basically a easier and morew urban spray maker mod

It COULD be possible, though I have some sort of assumption it may lag up the server with every prop the graffiti is applied to.

Make a limit of how much you can create.

This is a great idea, and i’ve always wanted something like this. I encourage someone to come up with a mod like this c:

any takers?

You bumped an old thread for an idea that is not feasible with a massive amount of texture of different shapes and sizes to be placed on the prop to create the design.
Source engine can’t edit textures on the fly unless it has been changed recently. You can only paste things on top of the textures.

God I swear most new members are fucktards.

Its funny for the last few days every server ive joined ive had to download a load of odd file like weapon/w_jbdx90 at the end of all this i have to download 4 graffiti files then i came on here and saw this on my way to the help desk D:


I lol’d perfusely

Why would you lol because you found something that pastes labels ONTOP of objects and the world ?

Well… ontop of the textures of the world and objects and whatever else.

But i think what you mean is things like sprays, it might work but would probably lag your game or just delete itself like blood sprays etc.