Grammar mod?

p.s - i diddn’t think this fited into server hosting, so i made the thread here.

Ok, so basically on my server it seems to have a sort of grammar mod on, which makes capital letters and full stops e.t.c for you sentences.

I am running an rp server and this stops you changing class, buying shipments and stuff.

I dont remember putting this on the server does does anyone know where to find the file that does this?


Look through your recycle bin to check for the mod or anything related to grammar.

Grammar is a good thing, don’t get rid of it.

otherWise youll have Nightmears for the rest of you’re life!

Probably came with assmod. addons/assmod/lua/plugins - look for ass_grammar or something to that extent, and remove.

thanks, got rid of it :wink: