Gran Garrismo-Nintendo Edition

Gamemode Description:
Get in your kart, and get ready to race. But this isn’t just about navigating the course,
it’s about dodging dangers and taking down your opponents to get ahead. Pick up a power up,
and get a random item. Use your power-up to your advantage, and to their despair.

This is the Garry’s Mod recreation of Mario Kart.

Sample VMF/BSP:

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That wasn’t really a wall of text.
Also, sounds good. :3

Heh. Thanks. I was planning to use the Garry’s Bots damage code, but it is extremely glitchy and I feel like writing it from scratch.

That’s like a knee high wall of text. :v:

Could be awesome. Shouldn’t this be in the gamemodes WIP forum though? Well, depending on how things go, I might help some. Can’t get into too many projects though, I’m basically the core of one and throwing my work at a couple others and that’s stretching me pretty thin. :geno:

Oh, there’s a WIP forum now? Sorry, can a mod please move it?
Nevermind. There’s no such thing. That’s for discussion about making gamemodes, not about the gamemodes themselves.

It’s also a discussion about the gamemodes…

A lesser being of a wall of text.

-snipper doodle-



3 Lua fruits blarg.

How many wip gamemodes are you going to make

As many as I can until I get bored. :3

Bah, why the hell are there 3 LuaFruits, I can’t keep track of them my bad. I thought LuaLemon was you. My bad D;

I thought you were a jackass and hated me. :frowning:

Phew. Anyways, I need a moderator to put in BANANA, NOT LEMON, NOT PINE under my name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay. I would gladly make a map for this.

Just out of curiosity what was your name before LuaBanana.

You always want to make maps for me. :freeman:



Sooo, anybody want to take part in this or what? :freeman:

Well, i don’t like the idea of building cars. It would lag :frowning:

Make it a racing gamemode. There aren’t any that i know of. :dance:

Added item pictures and descriptions. These are all the powerups there will be in the game.


All your props nocollide with eachother to reduce lag, but there will be a collide stool for things that HAVE to collide. :slight_smile:

Well people might weld 5 containers together, block the racetrack if they are in first, and win :frowning:

That’s where an administrator comes in.