Grand Colt ( CS:S Model poly count )

Hey guys, so it looks like I might be the modeler for Grand Colt the Gmod Central mod, but I need some quick help, we have decided that the CS:S players will be a nice poly count for models. I remember reading somewhere what is was, if anyone can help that would be great, I just need to know the poly count for like one of the terrorist or counter terrorist models… in the mean time here is a cool sith model I made a while back.

Can’t you load one of the CS:S models in the SDK to check the polycount?

hmm, well I need to reinstall, mine wont open :frowning:
it would be great if someone could do that quick for me.

Urban guy is 3266 tris. Seems rather low, but it is an old game, you can probberly go higher if you want, the TF2 ones are around 8K each.

Hey thanks, perfect, on a side note what do you think of my sith model :stuck_out_tongue:

np :slight_smile:

It certaily is interesting, if its based off something i’ve not seen it before, also as a note of criticism the textures are a bit flat, could do with a bit more detail on them :slight_smile: