grand theft auto 3, claude citizen skin request...hexed npc and player...

basicly you take a model say these[/media]

and skin it to look like this guy [media]


and hex it into both an npc and playermodel

so can someone do it? come on its not that hard its just a reskin…

I already made a Claude personal skin, I could hex it, give it the default face, and give it playermodel animations (and by that I mean use shotgunguy’s model with player animations since I can’t add animations, love youuuuu shotgunguy C:)

sure …thats fine…

also i love how he doesnt talk and uses a bat…should of added some blood spurts though (for game authenticity)

so are things going well?

is someone making this?



any news ?

PM him. I would also be interested in this.

sent it, no reply yet however