Grand theft auto 4 NOOSE swat team

can somebody rip these for me and put them in gmod
i dont need to have them all i need just one guy
how ever you can rip more of them if you like

heres a reference picture

Good news: I have ripped the NOOSE team from GTA 4 and put them into SMD format.
Bad news: They aren’t rigged, and Im not too good at that.

really maybe we can get someone to rig them

What’s rigging?

Not really, since the file format you export GTAIV models in is .smd too.

Thats what I meant.

Good news: I ported them
Bad news: They were shittily rigged and were deleted.

So, since I was going to anyway, I’ll re-port them later.

Want me to give you the .smds so you don’t need to extract them? I have all of them, except the helmet with the goggles, I forgot to get that one, sorry.

Yeah okay, makes my life easier :v:

Sorry Taggart, When I opened them up in MS3D, the references were all set to one texture, and most of them are REALLY small, whats worse is that some of the parts show up as rectangles…

I’ll see if I can export them again. Correctly this time.

Yeah they’re like that for everyone.

I’ll fix 'em up myself don’t worry

Sweet thanks guys

umm is anyone rigging these??

these would very sexy when done

Rigged up the main body, need to transfer it to this PC later.

Can you please port it to CS:S too? the Black SWAT needs to replace the GIGN only!

Did they get done or is this dead?