Grand Theft Auto 5 Models

hello i’m sorry to make this thread very early and i know that the game just came 2 days ago out but i seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the models :slight_smile:

people managed to extract GTA 4 models . and GTA 5 is on Xbox360 and i know that Xbox360 models can be extracted so this thread is open anytime for the models :slight_smile:

so again i’m sorry for creating this thread very early :slight_smile:

Jeez, calm down…

It just came out. Let the people enjoy it first, then decide whether to port it or not.

Yes yes you right. sorry.

Give game some time. Better wait for PC version to come out, I’m sure there will loads of new tools to save everyones time.

@Tomcatters - Wow… That was fast.

it’s from the Xentax thread.

Never said those were mine. Though, I know the guy who posted them from another forum. He’s currently working on an automatic importer

so that importer could extract characters and cars and so on ?

Are the files in gta v similar to gta iv pc?

that didnt take long, what can be ripped potentially?

I say you should wait for a few reasons

  1. Rockstar could go apeshit for extracting models this early


  1. You should wait until modders have studied the engine and/or release an extraction tool instead of low quality ripping

i’d say that and wait for the PC release it’ll be easier on all fronts really

Wait, rate me dumb but,
if people are extracting models from Xbox, is there a way to open the XBG files???

Plus it’ll be better in terms of texture quality too (IDK whether polycount quality would change from consoles to PC).