Grand Theft Auto III Police Officer

Could Someone please port the regular police officer from Grand Theft Auto III? This was the only decent picture I could find.

You know you can press Numpad 8 and Numpad 2 in classic controls to have first person view

And I agree, but post the HD GTA 4 version

I hated how everyone thought Max Payne cop was from GTA 4

But if I wanted the Grand Theft Auto 4 cop I would have asked for it. I want the cop from Grand Theft Auto Three.

The models are rigged in parts, no bones, it would look crappy as hell


The model is so low poly, so low quality textured, and like he said, in parts, WHY WOULD you want it in gmod, WHY WOULD you bother porting it?

Because it’s cool! I’m not the only one damn it!


And so would this!


And as for you AaronM202, Why do people still own NES 64’s?


And even if the kuruma is higher poly, it would still be “crappy as hell”.

Uh, no, that Kuruma is a HD remake of the original thing, which means it’s much higher quality and not like the original model.

J-Peg, we own the N 64 cause.

A. It will cost a SHITLOAD of money in the future
B. it has REALLY good and classic games…


C. How the shit do you know i have an N64?


Oh, and seriously, no, these arent awesome, not at all.

The game is, but not the cop and kuruma models, seriously, what would you use these for?

I like them. I want them because the other cop is no better. Because I like retro. And I never said you had an N64.
And screw you Simkas. I put that in my edit before you butted in, moron. I specifically checked. Go back to the GTA SA thread and read my response. **So you Listen now. You either port my police officer or get the hell off this thread. ** The three of you are a bunch of stuck up trolls.

Yeah, cause ordering people around will definitely make them help you.

Were you going to help me in the first place Simkas? I don’t think so.


Thats gonna get a good Fuck You FROM EVERYONE on facepunch, i suggest you run as fast as possible away.


Reported for flaming.

What is arguing with me about the point of porting this model going to do for you? Hm?


You are flaming.

He doesnt have to do ANYTHING you say, you know that?
You know you’re one of the biggest asses in this request section?

I don’t trust this site anymore if this what you get for making a request.

Just report this moron and move along people, theres nothing to be seen here.


No, you’re an idiot, YOU DONT DEMAND THINGS, you dont flame other people for making good points, youve caused this, and you’re too blind to see it.

I didn’t ask him to do anything. I don’t want his help because he’s a troll and you are too.

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I didn’t demand anything, unless asking you to stop being snob is so wrong. I don’t believe this.


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