Grand Theft Auto IV m_y_fatcop?

You know there are 4 types of police models from GTA 4 excluding the NOOSE Swat? One is the infamous fat cop, includes a shittons of bodygroups and 2 skins black man, and white.

SparkIV features an export .smd feature, if you have GTA 4 ofcourse, so please, port these guys with all their jackets and shirts and hats, and sunglasses n shit, and faceposing too if you don’t mind, thanks.

And I was wondering all this time why I kept escaping them so easily in IV…

I support this.

Spark IV doesn’t allow for exporting with bones, but the GTA IV Modding Suite does.

You will also need Open IV, not Spark IV, to export the .odd/odr formats from componentpeds.img/playerped.rpf.

Faces use bones so creating face flexes is easy.

So would anyone do this?