Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Models

Alright. Since a lot of people have requested this, I thought it would be necessary to start ripping some models from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Even though they are low poly and have low res textures, I still think they could come in use for some things.

Here are some things I plan on ripping:

Some models (Like the Burger Shot sign)
Some of the special peds.

If you have any requests, I would gladly take them.

Here is a picture of my progress:

Finnaly! efew requests… Ceaser, (Im using model name) wmyst. and wfyclot

You’re doing a good thing, OP. I’m looking forward to seeing your later progress. A request of mine would be vehicles. You would be awarded many virgins if you made vehicle models. If you did I’m sure someone would gladly make vehicles out of them.

Big Smoke
Some girlfriends of CJ

BF Injection

Will be a great stuff nigga…

The vehicles are a cluster fuck in Max, so its not going to be that easy unless he has knowledge of fixing them


The clusterfuck are just details and entities the vehicle uses in GTA:SA. Also, ljohnny, I will make caesar, wmyst, and wfyclot.

EDIT: Does anyone know which directory the ACTUAL vehicle textures are located?

Ha ha, I’ve been playing GTA SA recently again, and now I see this thread.

Same here css_nerd. I mod Gta: Sa a lot and stopped for a while. I just got back into it a while ago.

hey man this is a nice mod!!could you port tommy vercetti and claude speed?

Alright guys. I ported Cesar, WMYAMMO, and the SPAS-12 shotgun.
Also, 13-37. I need the games to be able to do that, and sadly, I don’t.

ok then there lots of mod of tommy and claude at GTAinside :wink:

This is kinda pointless, considering how super low quality the models are. They’re just way too low quality to be used in pictures or anything.

We aleardy have a skinny and muscular cj and niko bellic we need tommy and claude.

Alright, I will try Tommy and Claude.

wow it feels werid two of the few games i play on pc mixed.

By actual textures you mean .txd files? same directory as in models.

Yes, but they are just from a game a lot of us have and i grew up with it.

Well, what are the names? I look at turismo.txd and there is only the interior textures.

but we dont need claude

That’s probably because other textures are shared, and will be in a shared txd

vehshared.txd or something

Will you realese them all in one or just a first pack then later another?