Grand Theft Auto to Garry's Mod; Model Porting

I was wondering if it was possible to port models rigged for Grand Theft Auto into ones for gmod; like player models, ragdolls, etc.
If someone knows how to do this, I’d really appreciate it.
I’m willing to pay, so here are a few models I’d like ported.

pretty much this is do-able just need to get the models, remove the current bone rig and re-rig for the source engine then compile with the materials and done. i might give this a go if i can be arsed

Thank you very much!

Could we get the weapons? Weapons and props are always nice. (The weapons AS props)

Oh wow, I thought this will be a request for actual GTA models, not custom rigged anime-models. But your Brief, what to expect?

Remind me to never step into any of your request threads.

This was custom rigged anime models? I thought it was for actual GTA models too…

(I never bothered to look at all those images you posted links for)

Huh, excuse me Btief, but doesn´t make more sense ask for FF models instead of GTA? You are confusing a lot of people, thinking that this is from GTA, i know, they are ported from GTA, so you are wanting a FF characters GTA edition?

Well, there are a lot of Grand Theft Auto related mods that you can find on (Which I’ve already downloaded, I love GTA.)
But I do have a passion for stupid looking, spiky-haired characters.

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I should make a new thread, I don’t want to confuse people.

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New Thread (Hopefully confusion-free.)