Grand Theft Auto V Assets and Interiors

I’ve ported some assets from GTA V to Half-Life Alyx.

I’m also working on remaking some of the interiors from the game, including Michael’s mansion:

My plan is to port as many assets as I can so they can be used in various custom maps. I’ll post some more screenshots of the mansion once it’s fully textured.


Looks cool, but I don’t think Rockstar are going to be all too happy :confused:


Figured I could get away with it but if it causes any trouble I won’t do it of course. I guess we’ll see.

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In all likelihood they will not care.

Assets look good!

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As a person who makes GTA mods daily, props to you for being patient enough to deal with GIMS and exporting all these with the ytds one by one.


Good job, sounds like a lot of work. In my experience modding in GTA is time consuming, I’d assume the same thing for trying to get all of this to work

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