Grand Theft Auto V Michael model release

After some work, I’ve finally got it done.[/t]




Includes all items from the game
Finger Posing
Face Posing (only with Advanced Bone Tool)
All original GTA V bones
ValveBiped skeleton with all animations (Male, Player and Combine)
Player Model with colourable suit, customizable hair and c_arms
NPCs (limited)
Enhanced physics
DirectX 8 support

If somebody is interested in properly face posing him, contact me.

More information and download here


Thank you for this, you’ve done amazing work. :slight_smile:

Amazing, this one actually has face flexes!

I was gonna use him in SFM but[/t]

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Applying proportions sequence fixes most of it except the arms and I think fingers.


I’m going to make a proper working SFM version (he was only intended to be for GMod), maybe even with proper face flexes without the need of bones, just be patient :slight_smile:

All you gotta do is fix this bone issue and that’s your proper SFM version right there.

If anyone of you still care about the SFM version, I have made some progress[/t]

This was my first time ever opening SFM, I’m still not sure how things work.

Anyway here I made some 2 stupid simple animations with him

This is with Valve’s combine animations (getting them on was painful)

And here’s my first ever SFM animation (I don’t even know what this is supposed to be, don’t ask)

So the SFM port features:

Rebel, Combine and GMod male animations
The actual original V and valve skeleton
Fixed hair and beard so they aren’t pixelated and can be lighten up properly
Fixed eye positon
Basically fixed everything that was wrong
Every model is now in DMX format with Binary 5 Encoding and Model 18 version (I’m not sure if this has any benefits? Tell me please)
Probably something more I forgot

Now the sad part is, I am not sure how and when I will upload it to the workshop, working with SFM workshop uploader is harder than I thought it would be, so stay tuned.

Can’t you upload/release it on a separate file host for the time being?

Well, we have a SFM release, I was mostly working on last minute changes and testing, this will probably be the last update so enjoy.

how did you export it from gta v?

1, you didn’t use speculars right, at all. you place it in alpha channel of normals(and don’t put entire thing which is purple), grab one of channels, usualy red, and don’t use it as phongexponent of the vmt which controls value of it’s exponential shading.
shaders are by that token very flat, especialy in regards to the skin.
2, normals are compressed, which lowers their overall quality.
3, they might be inverted as well but it’s difficult to tell when shaders are so flat(green channel).
4, sunglasses need cubemaps for lenses in addition to aforomentioned.

  1. I’m not sure how do speculars work I guess, I am not going to manually place all textures into another texture though, the textures that use $phongexponenttexture in the V game files they’re called _spec but I think it’s just the phong exponent texture not actual specular maps. (like I said I guess I don’t understand it properly, you can edit the textures if you want)

  2. Normals are indeed compressed with DXT5, I sadly figured this out in the later process of the development, I only uncompressed some of the normals (like the head, hand, hair and more) and even if they were all uncompressed, the file size would be insanely high probably somewhere about 2GB.

  3. I’m not sure what is inverted? They’re all how they’re supposed to be, blue, it’s true that they’re inverted in the V game files though.

  4. I knew I forgot to do something about the glasses, so I tested adding the cubemaps to all glasses, it’s not a big change just a tiny bit, I might update it someday but not right now.

1)they are speculars, it’s why they’re called _spec, you use red channel to put in alpha channel of normal map.
2)loss of quality is still loss of quality
3) green channel, though as i said, it’s hard to tell if it needs inversion, not with flat phong.
4)they still need proper phong settings, as it is, it’s just flat.