Grand Theft Auto V Weapons

Has anyone tried porting some of the weapons for GTA V yet? I thought the Norinco Type 56-2 and the PKM looked really cool.

Low quality as fuck? I bet the textures are only 256x256 or maybe 512x512… they really don’t look that good.

You are better off with CSS look-alike skins. The GTA V weapons are pretty horrific looking in quality.



eh, they don’t look at that bad just low poly thats all. I’d say it was just engine limitations.

Ok, do you know of any reskins posted online for the CSS AK-47?


You can find plenty of reskins for the CS:S AK-47 here. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be any good, though.

It would be nice… i’m waiting for it as well :rolleyes:

I’ve tried once… it’s not really good :suicide:

Image above : One of the weapon Textures

People, wait for PC version… Textures are really low ress. Max size for weapons 128x128, max characters size 256x256 and main characters 512x512.

so in other words, its 2002 again. Next generation man…

Nope, it’s just console graphics. PC versions always are better.

And here I was, thinking they would be 256x256… Shame on me :suicide:

Why do you people keep requesting guns.
We have more then enough guns.
We have way to many guns.
I’m drowning in guns
Send help

Yeah, we need more buildings. And civilian models.

This is a black Norinco Type 56-2. I don’t believe it has ever been ported to the Source Engine before.

His point is that there’s plenty guns already. Like, thousands.

The PKM was ported, along with bodygroups, in a Battlefield gun pack somewhere in

As for the Type 56, come on, is just another clone of the AK series, only significant difference being the stock. not worth the effort, if you ask me

The closest thing to the AK in the game is the AK-74M from the BF3 weapons pack. Plus this appears to have the Barrel of an M4.

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Is there anything that looks remotely like this:

Why do you care so much about one gun when you can use the Ak from Kali’s and bloo’s CS GO weapon pack? Or any other pack for that matter. Geez dude.

Or you can get the AN-94 from the Battlefield P4F pack here

It looks better than that tactikool Chinese rifle from GTA V, anyway