Grand Theft Auto-Vice City: Tommy Vercetti

Me-Making the skins

Minimole hexed it because i couldnt contact jason at the time.

Tommy vercetti, on Nick, the face took the most ammound of time, i also made the palm trees myself.

*Street Clothes (with jacket cause nick cant take it off)
Soiree suit (that awesome ass blue/purple suit)
Mr. Vercetti suit (tommy’s the only guy who can make a pink undershirt look badass)




Before ANYONE says, the map used in the screens was GM_NIGHTCLUB


Oh, and the crotch on the street clothes is fixed in the link, i edited it before uploading it.

I was going to upload it to, but it kept shitting on itself.


Haha thats awesome, he does look like Tommy Vercetti!

Why thanks, i tried my best.


I actualy based his face on this image.
Cause its clearer than the actualy ingame skin/model.


God damn that guy is a great artist.

That dude forgot Luis.

I would like to note, this is the first of a series of skins for the GTA III era protagonists, i need help finding models for the others though.

you should make Francis look like Johnny klebitz

the Artist who made that drew it when TLAD was first release that’s why luis is’nt there

Vest=/=Leather jacket.


Besides, i said GTA III ERA protagonists, cause they’re all low poly and low quality, unlike the easily portable high quality GTA IV era protagonists.

Although, Huang Lee is on that list cause of being a sprite.

That’s pretty awesome, would make some great playermodels too.

Nah, besides, L4D2 survivor models cant really be players without extremely broken necks and fingers.

He’s hot!


Well, in the original GTA IV, Johnny was wearing a vest.
Not like the jacket in the Lost and Damned.

Aw, I was expecting the actual model. Not bad. You got some crotch stretching there, and I couldn’t tell what you changed on the facemap other than some bruises and such.

And i added a necklace, and removed some facial hair, plus lightened it for the facemap, and lowered the hairline.

Make a pic of him fighting normal Nick, so people can compare.

Which one?

Mr. Vercetti?


Will do then.

You should do Claude Speed.

I want to make him so GOD DAMN bad but theres no model i can think of off the top of my head that can be made into him.


Wait, your personal skin can work :v: