Grand Theft Painting


What the fuck is this?
It’s my gamemode for the gamemode coding contest:

Grand Theft Painting!

What you’ll be doing the most in this gamemode is: stealing paintings! From others! Since the museum got robbed to hell and back already… it’s a war between the robbers who gets the last painting!

How does it work?
Simple. Just deploy the “Grabber” weapon to prepare yourself to grab the painting from others! Just left click and let your hands do the rest! Note that you’ll need to be in range of your victim and aiming in it’s general direction, but other than that it’s super easy!

Isn’t this boring?
Yes it is. Fortunately I’ve reduced the boring-ness by adding lot’s of random powerups and weapons! Just to keep things organized, here’s a list of all powerups and weapons I’m going to add.

These give you more passive advantages and are randomly spread across the map. (highlighted = already implemented)

Speed boost:

Grants you 10 seconds of increased walk & run speed!


Grants you 10 seconds of 99% invisibility!


Will give you information about the painting carrier’s position, lasting 20 seconds.
The same as powerups, only this time, it’s more on the offensive side! They will not damage someone: they’ll just give others some trouble! (highlighted = already implemented)


: Throw this pesky grenade somewhere near an enemy and they’ll find themselves stuck for 5 seconds!


: This submachinegun has ice cold bullets, slowing down everyone they hit!


: Using this buffed-up crowbar on someone will send your victim flying!

Help me think of more powerup and weapon ideas and you might end up on the credits list! (what an honor)

Here’s some random screenshots made while developing it.
They go from old -> new, so if you want to see the newest screenshots, scroll down!

Powerup model revision 1.
Powerup model revision 2. (This is the speed boost powerup)
Running away while having the painting.
Stealing the painting, while having the stealth powerup left and the speed boost powerup right.
Under the effects of stealth.
Left: a guy with speed boost. Right: a guy with stealth. (look closely!)
They don’t go well together.
The radar powerup in action. Has a nice little sonar “ping” sound every 2 seconds :smiley:
Now with moar fading lines and rotating lines.
Powerup spawners, finally!
This is what happens when you grab every single powerup at once.
Map update. Don’t mind the ugly icon in the top-left.
Double ditto.
Triple ditto.
New weapon powerup W.I.P. As you can see, it’s still missing weapon models.
The FSMG in action.
And there we go: finally, functional weapon spawners!
It’s the freezernade! WOHOO!
BEWM! I’m frozen now.

Note: The game is not in thirdperson, I did that just for testing purposes.

How much is the gamemode done?
Total: 100%!
Download here:

Will you have a server up?
Yes. At the end, I’ll host a server with all the gamemodes from this contest, for the judges to test, like I did with the previous contest.

This sucks.
I have a very informative video for you then.

(if you don’t get it: tell me why + this sucks?)

What do you think? Cool? Rubbish? Post it here!
Also, this is a one-man project. I can make everything I need myself.

Putting this here just in case someone decides to steal it.

Umm i don’t mean to be rude but what is with the video? I mean honestly…

Btw like the models they look awsome. Can’t wait to see more.

I expected people to don’t get it. But the video’s title is “Tell me why”… get it? Tell me why it sucks?

Change the video to this

Just kidding, nice gamemode!

Hmm. Maybe, to spice up the gamemode, you could add museum guards, either as SNPCs, or as a playable team, who must be avoided at all costs.

Also, the de_inferno painting models would fit better. :smiley:

Guards are gonna be hard, since they cannot hurt players. (If they could, I’d have to rewrite anything) I could give them stunsticks that stun players for a while or something.

Add alarms and stuff.

Play the Benny Hill theme song when someone steals a painting.

That’d be annoying when someone steals a painting and instantly gets robbed by someone else :v:

Also, added some more screenshots to the OP.


I could add security cameras… :v:

Yeah I was kinda kidding anyways.

Security cameras would be cool. Maybe they could have a light cone and if you step into the light an alarm plays or something.

Cool. I guess the premise is pretty cool. I was expecting that museum level in thief. Sorry, that’s one of my favorite games ever aside from garry’s mod.

Update: Radar powerup is fully functional!

Also added a nice little sonar “ping” sound every 2 seconds :v:

Fun fact: there’s a cloaked player in the background

Holy shit that looks awesome! I wish I could do HUD’s like that!


Make sure those lines fade as they get further out. Just make them the color of that border and it will look like it fades.

Thanks :3: I’ll also add fading lines.


Those additional lines rotate around the center just for shits and giggles.

Nice. Don’t overdo it though. :wink:

I really like the tell me why song.

Thanks a lot!

I added a nice powerup spawner (with a kickass model), which, as you might have guessed, spawns powerups. I might post some pics tomorrow.

As I promised:

And this is what happens when you grab every single powerup at once:

I must protest about the overlay when your invisible. Looks horrible in my point of view. The other stuff is nice, though.

It needs to be obvious when you’re invisible. I could reduce the refract amount but otherwise there’s not much I can do.