Grand War


After careful consideration I’ve decided it’d be better to do a real-life RP gamemode, for the reason all the war contraptions and ships would lag horribly. But I won’t post any info about it till I get some real results to show. Please forgive me.

Oh BTW, I left out something major. For all you Japan-loving people out there, the Chinese pushed into Japan and annexed it at the start of the war, so you also get a chance to play as the Japanese Resistance.

Also, I will be needing help if anyone can spare any. Right now I’m working on character creation with derma.

I was wondering, since I’m having difficulty thinking of skills, you guys got any ideas?

Why is China is taking over the world and only the United States is fighting back? We’re not the only nation out there.

Yes, I had an idea for this, but I was just uncertain. I suppose I could say the US is fighting China to buy the rest of the world time to prepare. But I’m not sure.

I have an idea. Canada starts a war with any nation. Right from the beginning of the gamemode…


I don’t know about that. Why would Canada want to start a war with anybody? They mainly just keep to themselves, in fact I’ve never heard of them intervening in any global things like terrorism. Although it could be possibly for the most part I live in the US.

Thats because they don’t. Hence the “Plot twist” joke. Its just all these war games and stuff is about “America saves the day, fuck yeah.” (Mostly because the game developers are american…) but I was just saying it would be pretty damn funny to see a game/gamemode about Canada acctually starting a war.

aka: I was joking about Canada, sounds like aneat gamemode idea. I’d definately play it.

Thanks man! I’ll give you guys updates on my progress. Of course I’ve just gotten back to work recently, and I got a bunch of new ideas. I’ll try preparing a demo and you guys can tell me what you think. Basically it’s going to have a whole supply system with supply dumps you got to defend and stuff. Could be good, and could really tie in with hierarchy command.

What about you can play on the america side and the Chinese side…

On amercia side would be


and on china side

North Korea

Canada is in Afghanistan.

But in all seriousness, this looks really fun. Not over complicated, but has a touch of originality.

BTW, I’m considering maybe using NeuroPlanes for the gamemode. But right now I’m working on sql Tables.

Well in any case, I’m still working on it. I’m right now just trying to get this simple thing to work where you can select your persona.

Oh and although it’s not much, I also got it showing on the server list with what I have for gamemode so far, or I did last night. As per one of the current Co-owner’s request it’s on DarkRP for now. >_>

Awesome idea, looking forward on it

Thanks, got a few ideas I’m looking forward to trying. Hopefully I’ll be able to hook a function when a player gets hurt to incorporate medics as important. =D

Well, I hope this doesn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirits, but I’m putting work on the SQL Tables that store player data on hold, so I’m just going to start a bit simpler. In other words, it means it may be a bit different then hoped. But I’ll see to it, it’s still fun. But if anyone can help, it’s always appreciated. I’ll need a decent map just for starters even. So please, I encourage you to speak up if you even just have any ideas for it.

Dissapointed, but not suprised.

Well actually, the good news is I found a solution to the SQL issues. You have a certain character on to thank for that, but actually I’m a bit pre-occupied with something a tad more… interesting. Not to say it won’t be fun still though, in fact I believe it to be a truly unique experience upon completion.