Graphic card crashes

Every time i get out from my house… the graphic card and the game crashes… maybe its becuase not far away theres a 17x17x11 stone piramid and still visible from my home… i have a 680GTX Nvidia Graphic card… and this happends since the last 2 patches of yesterday…

I’m getting similar crashes at random intervals. Sometimes, the game just drops to the desktop while upgrading pillars… other times the game kicks me to the desktop as i’m running through an area.
As of yesterday, upon placing a wooden sign on my building, the game froze right as I placed the sign. This morning, I jumped up on a rock, and the game froze (no kick to desktop) Program not responding. I have tried lowering my graphic settings from Fantastic to Beautiful. After this mornings crash, I lowered it one more notch… This has happened about 5-6 times since the last 2 updates for me as well.

ATI Diamond 7970-

im getting crahses when I place a sign now, didnt happen yesterday

I get random video driver crashes too. Im fairly certain its tied to the memory leak unless there’s another bug I’m unaware of. Periodic restarts might help I would try that.

Yes, I am having the same problem. The crashes are definitely linked to placing signs or loading them when you get in range. In our group it happens with both nvidia and ati players.

Rust is also freezing on the loading data screen at random

yeah its a known error for the nvidia card something they will not fix