Graphic Enhancer? ENB? Or?

Yo. This should be the section for this thread.
Anyways, Is there possibly a better .cfg? Or something else that can enhance Garrys Mod? I heard Cinematic Mod 1 and 2 would work, but that download is utter bullshit.
Anything that’s server-sided too? I play TTT a lot. Sometimes RP. Singleplayer too. I would like to enhance everything as best as I could. Anything out there that I don’t know about?
And half of you might say that source games shouldn’t be messed with, well, there are many gamers out there who seek to enhance their games. I put over 800 hours into Gmod. I want to put more.
So main question again; Anything out there that is server-sided and can make Garrys Mod flourish with graphics? Ex: the .cfg file below, but better.

Well, I’m using this .cfg file to remove the dullness of Garrys Mod.

If your going to post configs, atleast use



put your config in these tags, not that difficult to understand, quote me to see how


It’s no use anyway, because it’s only usable in singleplayer and very limited multiplayer servers.