Graphic errors

Hi folks looking for some help I’ve been having these weird graphic glitches on screen while playing rust when i play other games (LoL,HoS,D3) i get nothing only with this game wondering if someone could give me some help i’ll link a video of a little game play showing them appearing disappear as they please i find sometimes when i hit atl+enter to switch between full screen and windowed mode they disapear but then when i get back to full screen they quickly come back hoping someone can help me out give me some pointers or places to start testing things I’ve tried different screen resolutions and different settings with the graphics from fastest to beautiful all having no effect on them appearing.

Update. Your. GPU. Drivers.
If that doesn’t not work roll back a driver.
Specs too…

pretty sure my drivers are up to date…bit of a older comp intel duo core 3gig processor just upgraded to a radeon r7 260x 2048mb gddr5 video card…also just recently formated and went from vista to windows 7 was assuming it was vista issues since previously they discontinued support for vista then brought it back… running the latest radeon crimson drivers for the vid card version 15.12

Not a driver issue. I’m having the same issues on an R9 280 with up-to-the-minute drivers. I’ve got weird textures spawning all over the screen, including a few infinitely-tall towers. Looks pretty awesome in a messed-up dystopic future kind of way, but it definitely causes problems.

Like when you’re hunting and all of a sudden your view is blocked by a random full-screen texture.

ya I have those sort of things happen as well too. Did you resolve this issue or still experiencing it? When I play other games I don’t experience any of these issues so I’m not sure why this is happening or what is causing it.

I personally think it might be AMD drivers as i have also started to notice random glitches since installing the latest driver but i need to do more testing as it could also be down to using the virtual texturing option in the game.

Roll back a driver or two, I’ve seen a few threads with this problem, everyone having this problem claims to have AMD graphics.

Personally the glitches are not an issue for me as i only get them in random places so i won’t be trying to roll back drivers but as i said in my last post more testing is needed as it could be the virtual texturing option that causes the problem for some people.

i just did a fresh install of windows and the drivers so i have no older drivers to roll back to so i 'm not sure i could see if there are older versions of drivers on the amd site any idea what specific version people are rolling back too?