Graphic Node Out Of Date : Rebuilding ...

Ok, so I have a problem with this message : “Graphic Node Out Of Date : Rebuilding …”. It appears every time I play GMOD on a TF2 map. It disappears after 30 seconds, but after that my game becomes very laggy.

I tried to re-install GMOD but I still have this message.

Can you help me ?


As far as I know, it should only occur once per map, although I could be wrong (also, I remember it as ‘Node Graph Out of Date: Rebuilding’, not ‘Graphic Node’). I don’t know about the game being laggy after it, though; when playing HL2 maps in gmod for the first time, one does get that message on startup, but the game plays normally afterward. Sorry.

Usually that will happen when you load a map for the first time. It should be fine after the text saying that disappears. If the problem persists, then there could be a real problem. Is it all tf2 maps causing this? Are normal maps causing this?

Ah, yes, it’s “Node Graph” …

And yes, all the TF2 maps are causing this, but the GMOD maps and the HL2 maps are ok.

I’m having the same problem with TF2 on offline maps. Whenever the ground lowers or risese I continue going in a striat line its anoying