Graphic Problems. Missing walls

ive got missing walls. there just not loading. if i re log. its normaly a different set. some times i cant even stand in my house.
i got a ban for killing a floting dude . when i was runing along.

  • about removing over 100 house but meh, not like the games playable.
    i watch thies dudes build a house over a day took them about 14 hours + maybe 4 the day b4.

i removed all the loot and the house in less then 8 mins.


anyway i removed about 10 homes a nite for the last 2 weeks

the longer u leave the problem the less ppl are gonna come back to the game.

It’s bug, many people reported each others thought they are using wall hack it happened with me too, even the Admin of the server doesn’t know what’s going on, I raided many houses the idea that you can see some thing I can’t see and I see some thing you can’t

It’s a big problem on my server. Walls missing everywhere, it is pointless playing.

Sir, you are quite unscrupulous. To be fair, you really have no idea that there were walls somewhere in the first place and open buildings with easy to get to loot is nothing new. Some people seem to have this happen more than others for whatever reason. Lucky you if you get it more often then other people. Still sucks for those people though.

we have the same problem mate :slight_smile:

btw some douchebag allready abused the bug and destroyed the complete house… I got killed 3 times in our house with a bow :smiley:

on legacy servers they would actually check, and kick you if you went thru a wall/door that was supposed to be closed, i dont know why they removed this, since there are plenty of people aware of how to (ab)use this.

also, it happens when my internet is carping out, not graphics.