Graphic settings refuse to save

I just bought Rust today, and every time I open the game, the graphic settings are maxed out, and I change the render quality, but it resets itself the second I move my character. I tried the solution posted on the forums but it didn’t work ( If someone could help me out, that’d be great. Thanks


Try adding in the settings to the file manually then saving it, loading up Rust and try joining a server.
Ensure Rust is fully closed before doing this.

Did you press Apply?

I couldn’t save any of my button settings and I found out that my game was missing a cfg file that other people had.
Someone sent me theirs and after I put it in the right place, I was then able to make and save my button settings.
You may be having a similar issue. I even tried validating my files in Steam, and reinstalled the game two times, but it would never install that cfg file I was missing.