Graphical Artifacts and Color Grade Desync


I’m getting graphical artifacts running on dual GTX 970s, bones and trees will sometimes appear mis-rendered, and light in places where
it should not be.
If I was to die in game or tab out, Color Grading would cause my screen to flicker, kind of like being half a frame too late.

Just wanted to know if anybody else had this, because its starting to really hurt my eyes now.

Can you post screenshots of what you’re getting?

I just applied the new GFX patch and it appears to have fixed my issues, Im guessing it must have been a rendering issue with the card, or by luck its not doing it this time around. Other than that, I think I’m getting the same problems everybody else is getting.[/t]

Rendering reflections on the water at night.

I’ll also mention that the ‘close’ button for the language selection is overlapped by the dev blog links.


I’ll let you know when it starts working again to take you a screenshot.