Graphical bugs. I need the original config.cfg

So i’v been having some minor graphical annoyances lately. I’v completely deleted GMOD and re-installed yet the same graphical bugs keep happening. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the games config.cfg and shitty steam cloud.

This should not be happening. When i shoot the AI TF2 blood squirts out.

The snow is Glossy in GMOD and Day of Defeat.
There are some other maps where the shaders aren’t loading. Also such as de_dust/2.

This has been happening for a while now. Also, some shaders on characters and in some maps aren’t loading despite everything on high settings. I’v got an ATI 4850 with 2GB VRAM (it’s sharing ram because i have 4GB but my PC only uses 3GB) and the latest drivers.

I’m not sure what’s causing this but if it’s possible could someone please post the original config.cfg so i can replace mine?

Edit- Sorry for low quality images i forgot i could increase the resolution in GMOD.

IIRC deleting the one you have will force a new clean one to be reinstated upon launch.

I’v tried that but for some reason it keep’s re-appearing. (Makes me think steam cloud is involved) I’v even deleted steam and re-installed every thing. This is getting annoying more than anything. lol

Disable Steam cloud, delete your config, start the game up, enter a map, close the game, enable Steam cloud, restart the game.

This should force the cloud to notice you have a newer file and it will replace the one on the cloud with your new configuration.

Still nothing. The blood has been fixed but the textures on some of the maps and characters haven’t.

My combine police have solid black eyes when they should be reflective. The combine elites boot’s aren’t shiny. de_dust no longer has that nice floor in the tunnels which the light reflects off of it as seen in this picture…

I have no clue what’s causing my game to look so shitty. I’v triple checked to make sure the shaders in the option menu is set to “High”.

My specs.

AMD Athlon II 620 x4 (2.6ghz quad core)
ATI Radeon 4850 2GB (shared memory, it’s 1GB out of the box) - Direct X 10.1
4GB ram (3GB, 1gig is shared with my Graphics card)
GA-MA785GM (Motherboard)
600W Corsair PSU
Note- I have the latest drivers and direct x version.

I can easily get 300 FPS at max settings on other source games and they all look fantastic. This game, counter-strike source and DODS all look like crap for some reason. They used to look fine. The image i posted above is from the latest Counter-Strike Source Beta.

I’v been trying to find a solution as to why my games look like crap forever.

Edit- Sorry for such a large image. I forgot how to resize it.

Cubemap failure - Usually something to do with the maps themselves but it sounds like a client problem.

Open up your registry editor (regedit in the start menu run box)
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Valve > Source.
Delete the garrysmod,cstrike and dods folder (COULD be called that - I don’t have DoD:S on here so I can’t tell).
This completely resets your graphics in the aforementioned games.

Launch games, set graphics again, post results.

Update- It didn’t work. I have no clue what is causing this. It’s annoying because when making comics you want your graphics to look real nice including in the maps.