Graphical errors that suddenly appeared

Yeah, these are pretty much ruining my game:

on construct and flatgrass, the maps look overbright, and they feel washed.

The Derma looks darker

Im on a laptop and on windows vista home basic


Alright. searched on the internet and its an old problem, but no clear answer here is a pic

removed everything from addons folder. and yet The problem’s still there

Whats your specs

Well, I already said its a laptop, HP pavillion DV5, 2gb RAM , AMD athlon X2 and ATI RADEON HD 3200 graphics, but it happened just today, so I dont think its my PC. I reinstalled GMOD and it still has the problem

mat_fullbright is being set to 1.

Set it to 0 by typing mat_fullbright 0 into your console.

typed mat_fullbright 0 and it still doesnt work

try going into options and turning the brightness down.
if not then im not sure what

I had this problem back when I first got gmod. After an update though, it hasn’t happened to me since. But make sure you get the most recent graphics drivers installed, if that doesn’t work, then you might have to wait for an update like I did.


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