Graphical Improvement mods?

I can run GMOD at 60 frames highest settings smoothly and was wondering if there is any good graphical improvement mods to make the game look better as well to be honest this games starting to show it’s age in 2014. Generally I’m looking for mods that improve lighting, a good texture pack and maybe even a mod that improves models. Feel free to suggest anything as long it isn’t overly intensive. :slight_smile:

1): Download latest Cinematic Mod For HL2, get models and textures from it to Gmod.
Cons:Breaks a few map’s textures. Like on gm_bigcity.
2)Enb series but it will get you VAC banned.
3)Try to configurate Post processing and etc, to make it prettier for your own eyes.
And well, there is a few Lens flares on workshop.
Thats all what you can do.

Oh well thats stupid handing out VAC bans for in a way downgrading my game :pwn:

Wait can you confirm that Enb series will get you vac banned in gmod? I thought gmod allowed custom modules into the game.

Plus if this is getting people vac banned shouldn’t valve have just added this to their exception list. It doesn’t give anyone an advantage, and if anything by the looks of it, it makes your game look 10 times better.

Also I was reading that some people took some of the stuff form black mesa and used those to get better graphics.

This is a pretty cool workshop collection of some addons that make the game look nice.

I’m pretty sure ENBseries modifies your .dlls, and that’s how VAC decides if you’re a massive cunt.
You can go into sandbox singleplayer and mess with your post process settings to help the graphics some.

Also when you download the cinematic mod stuff, do not install any of the characters, they are so ugly, HD, but ugly.

well, it’s a pretty old game, you’re pretty much just covering a turd in gold. There are a couple other options you can do in console to make your shadows look a lot better too.