Graphical/texture issues. Horizontal graphic display bugs

What’s up guys? Recently I built a new computer and everything was fine except for the VGA to DVI convertor causing some gray horizontal lines, and (or so I thought) some other graphical issues with Rust. I bought the DVI, it solved everything but I still get some odd graphics bugs on Rust when playing.

M5a99x Evo R2.0
R9 270x
AMD 8320 8 core
8 GB ram
Win 7 64 bit

EDIT: hp Lv2311 1920*1080 [60 hz] THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE PROBLEM. I’m usually getting over a hundred FPS, I guess this is why I’m getting some odd displays.

It’s hard to explain, but I can try. Let’s say I’m in a wooden shelter. If I move my head up and down slowly, I’ll see a few horizontal lines of some odd graphical bugging, as if I’m kind of looking through a piece of curved glass or something. It’s very noticeable when playing the game, and it only happens if I look around. This does not happen on any other games that I play.

This, my friend, is a phasing issue. It’s something to do with how your monitor is set and is an effect that only shows on LCD (and other displays like it).

I am unsure if it is okay to post links like this but I’ll eat the warning if we are not. . I use this site to help me correct the issue. You need to go into your monitors settings through the buttons on the monitor itself. If the lines are not present then this is definately a Rust issue but I find it hard to believe you would only have it in rust.

EDIT: Clock/phasing options are the things that need altered.

Oh wow okay looks like it is, I’m new with computers, how can I fix the phasing on my LCD then?

Sounds like screen tearing to me. V-Sync along with Triple Buffering usually fixes it. I know you can force V-Sync and Triple Buffering through Nvidia Control Panel. So I’m guessing you can with whatever AMD uses, Catalyst or some crap like that.

I have seen pictures of screen tearing, it isn’t that. The guy above me is right, it is some sort of phasing issue. GI went here to test and when I scroll up and down I see the lines.: Clock and phase - Lagom LCD test

I would just like to know how to fix my settings.

EDIT: I tried V-Sync and Triple buffering it still does it. I notice it a lot more when I have a torch and I walk close to a wooden wall and start turning my mouse in circles. It’s odd though because this only happens on Rust…

As I said, they are on the menu that comes with the monitor (The monitor should have a menu button on the frame somewhere). You have to use these little buttons to navigate it. Play with the phasing / clocking until you can eliminate the lines. Once you figure out how to play with those it shouldnt take long. I advise toying with the clock first.

I have looked in my monitor settings, I must have a shitty monitor because I can’t find anything like that. I’ve noticed when I play with sharpness I get different results. Low sharpness stops the phasing issue, but then things don’t look sharp.

Is there a ‘Pitch’ setting?

EDIT: WHat you want is to see a checker type design on those little black/white squares. The vertical lines are a pitch / clock issue while any horizontal ones are phasing.

I see that I only have the clock and clock phase setting when using my VGA cable that uses a DVI adapter, when using my DVI cable I cannot touch those settings. There is no vertical line issues I see on rust, only some horizontal ones, this is really frustrated. When scrolling up and down on this page it flashes:

EDIT: When looking at the 2 gifs that show bad clock and phase, I don’t match either of those. So it isn’t screen tearing nor Phase or Clock settings, could it be that it’s just buggy for me just like how it is for others? Once it gets updated and improved maybe it will be better optimized.

ONE other possibility is you have too many cables running near the monitors cable. I Know when I had my power cable running alongside the monitor cable I had horizontal lines that would crawl up the screen.

I think you might be right, althogh even with V-Sync enabled I still get 100 FPS on some games that don’t have that option. My screen’s refresh rate is only 60 hz while I’m usually getting 100 Fps and more on all of my games, including Rust.

Can anyone send me a few Canadian newegg links to some high end monitors that won’t cause screen tearing seeing as I push close to 120 FPS and sometimes even more?
Sorry about the inconvenience of this thread, this isn’t Rust related it seems and you can close it.