Graphics Card Benchmark for Rust. I couldn't find one so decided to make one (Submit Here)

I was looking online for a gpu benchmark for this game (and many other indie games) and I couldn’t find one anywhere, the best I could find was a video of a guy testing out his graphics card cut that was about it.

So I decided I would make my own. To make it easier for me to read and record it, I have made a google form to be filled out and with this information I will produce multiple benchmarks to see how everyone’s gpu’s do in comparison. For example, I could make a benchmark for fan cooling and water cooling, a comparison of air cooling and water cooling for the same cards, cost/performance, etc (any suggestion for other benchmarks and extra questions in the forms that I could do, comment them.)

The link to the form is here

Edit: So that we can create accurate and worthy benchmarks we will need to receive a lot of responses, so could everyone please share this post around. Thanks!

I don’t think this will be very valuable information in the long term. Rust is in development with wild changes every week that will make differences on performance. Give it a month or two and the gathered data will be wholly unreliable.

I’m sure Garry’s Unity debug logger tracks this stuff. It would be neat if that information were published live.