Graphics glitch...

So everytime I play gmod during singleplayer (sometimes MP also), my game freezes up at least 1 time for a few seconds, then the screen becomes all glitched. How do I fix this issue? I once got a popup notice saying it was a driver failure or something when I quit the game.


Update your drivers.

They are already updated.

Anyone? Now my game just gets glitches in the textures when it crashes, I have to minimize then restore the game to make it work… But it’s annoying.

i get that problem too; except my gmod freezes and my entire screen becomes a haze of glitched colors. thank god my graphics driver restarted itself for “screen not accepting commands”.

Yeah it just becomes “a haze of glitched colors”. But how did your graphics driver restart itself? or “screen not accepting commands” ? My graphics drivers are fine, it’s really the game itself that gets fucked up. Although I did put in some commands for startup = -dxlevel 90 -w 1280 and whatever.

Check your temps, the graphics card could be overheating.

What GPU is it? ATI or nVIDIA?

EVGA GTX 275 Overclocked (Not to the max, mostly at a stable clocking)


used to happen to me. turns out it was one of my addons. i wish i remembered which.

Ah thanks for the tip, but it might be the firework/flare gun addon… who knows -_-