Graphics Glitch

Hey, so I was playing today, and I noticed that some of my props looked like this:

But, when I moved away, or turned a different direction, I would get this:

This happens on a lot of my maps, so this isn’t just exclusive to this one. What is the cause of this error? It causes lots of random grey triangles to pop up, and such.

This is rp_necroforest, but it has nothing to do with the behavior.

Specs. Please.

WEll, I’m using a laptop with a ATI Radeon X1250, but it’s never done this before, hence my confusion.

DING DING DING! A laptop’s Graphic Card gets worse weekly?
Once I was playing Gmod, next week, it got choppy, next week it didn’t work EVEN ON dxlevel 80

yea on board graphics cards on laptops are stupid unless u pay a good £900 for a gaming laptop anyway use ur desktop and upgrade ur graphics card and drivers or try getting the latest drivers for your laptop also @LinuX is right about the graphics lmao

Well, what am I supposed to do about it? It’s not like I can just buy a new graphics card. Also, it’s not choppy or anything, and sometimes the issues resolves itself when I turn on Antialiasing (for some reason). Is there a way to counteract this ingame?

It hasn’t gotten worse, there isn’t really any significant drop in framerate, and it’s only when I look at props from certain angles.

I have a feeling that the fact that I’m seeing triangles is significant in this.

Learn to spell, it burns my eyes with the intensity of a thousand suns.

You mind interpreting? He sounds like he contradicts himself, but I can’t read it without getting a headache.

In addition, what desktop?

well sorry about that post, you should first make sure your graphics card inside your laptop is fully up to date then if it is not and you do have a desktop computer which is fairly new you should try garys mod on that

Well if you have to wait till your birthday, it’s not our problem.

Thanks for the smartass, yet nonconstructive answer.

Also, at times, the issue seems to resolve itself, such as when I restart GMod. I think it might be my graphics card overheating. But it also happens on a lot of maps. So, I don’t know the problem.

What about other Source engine games? Do they have this problem too?

either way, get a desktop that has a PCI Express thing in it., then buy a 9800 GT.

My 9800GT glitches out and crashes after 20 minutes of 10- fps.

Install latest drivers

Nah. Left 4 Dead seems to work fine, as do HL2 and TF2.

Try reinstalling your gmod.


Also. you should try renaming your garrysmod folder(clean gmod). It might be a lua virus causing that(Ive done that by misstake atleast twice!).